What is Estimo?

Estimo brings your client, sales and project data together to enable quicker and more effective estimating.

When you have signed up, you will see that information flows freely throughout the system. The viewing and management of this data is split into five bitesize components:

  • Dashboard: the dashboard provides you with a number of quick links to popular functions and features a live-feed of recent activity within your organisation.
  • Estimates: you will spend most of your time in this section. The Estimates table displays all the estimates that you currently have access to. The Create Estimate interface is Estimo‚Äôs core functionality; allowing you to utilise system data to produce new estimates.
  • Clients: for ease-of-use and consistency, you are able to store client details within Estimo. All users are able to create new Clients, add their information and assign a Rate Cards to them.
  • My Trash: contains any data that a user has deleted, with the option to restore.
  • Settings: this area is only available to users with Admin privileges. This provides functions relating to data, user and estimate management.