Kick-start estimation

Work from pre-existing templates and utilise off-the-shelf content (client-specific information, line items and project milestones), to reduce the overhead of creating proposals that still feel bespoke.

Live editing

Everyone can work on the same proposal together, at the same time. Updates are automatically saved and recorded in a comprehensive changelog.

Manage client info

Store important client data (stakeholders, address, billing instructions and other standard proposal content) in one place, ready to be pre-loaded into estimates.

Productise your services

Store frequently sold products and services in a centralised database, so that they can be quickly added to estimates. Define internal instructions, enabling junior team members to work autonomously.

Flexible pricing methodologies

Create line items based upon rate cards or value based, add pass-through costs in too. These are displayed elegantly within the proposal, in a consumable tabular format.

Continuously improve estimations

Reviewed estimates are viewable by all users, to learn from and instantly clone. Utilise search and filter tools to easily find particularly relevant estimates.