Manage client info

Store important client data (stakeholders, address, billing instructions and other standard proposal content) in one place, ready to be pre-loaded into estimates.

Store rate cards, assign to clients

Input your organisation’s different resources, set their default prices and then add them to multiple rate cards. Just assign these cards to your clients and start selling. In Estimo, only admin users can make changes to rate cards.

Custom estimate appearance

Utilise one of our clean, off-the-shelf estimate designs, or create your own. When you are happy with the appearance and default content, set the output on a per client basis, ensuring that your customer gets exactly what they want.

Productise your services

Store frequently sold products and services in a centralised database, so that they can be quickly added to estimates. Define internal instructions, enabling junior team members to work autonomously.

Learn what sells

Accept, edit and reject new product requests from team members. Let those who are in direct client contact influence pricing rules moving forward.

User management

Invite, manage and remove users. Assign permission schemes that reflect their role within the estimation process.

Analyse your data

Query Estimo’s data as you see fit, to generate downloadable reports and find actionable insight.

Always supported

With Estimo’s onboarding process, vast support library and in-app chat support, you will always get the answer to any questions.