What is the Quick Setup Process?

After creating your Estimo instance, we recommend running the Quick Setup process. This will run through the important System Data in Estimo, helping you to create your first Estimate as quickly as possible.

The steps of Quick Setup are as follows:

1) Organisation Profile: the fields contained in this area define the defaults in team members’ profiles and estimates.

2) Resources: next comes the creation of Resources. These are the different price points that make up a Rate Card. The nature of your Resources depends upon your organisation and market. For example, a typical agency’s rate card would be made up of job titles – ‘Creative Director’ etc. However, the system is flexible around your needs – this framework could be applied to a Resource such as a builder’s raw materials.

When you have added your basic Resources, go ahead and hit ‘Save’.

To find out more about creating Resources, please read this article.

3) New Rate Card: you are then able to create a Rate Card, selecting the Resources that you require and setting their respective prices. This Rate Card will then be utilised for clients, so it’s a good idea to put your ‘Standard’ rate card details in at this stage.

To find out more about creating Rate Cards, please read this article.

4) New Client: your first Estimate requires a first Client. Input the necessary details and then select Save.

To find out more about creating Clients, please read this article.

5)New Estimate: give your first Estimate a name and progress to the Estimate Builder.

To find out more about the Estimate Builder, please read this section.