Kick-start estimation

Work from pre-existing templates and utilise off-the-shelf content (client-specific information, line items and project milestones), to reduce the overhead of creating proposals that still feel bespoke.

Live editing

Everyone can work on the same proposal together, at the same time. Updates are automatically saved and recorded in a comprehensive changelog.

Collaboration and review workflow

Easily define who can access an estimate, making sure that subject matter experts are involved. When you’re happy with the proposal, quickly select the user who can give it an internal sign-off.

Highlights, threads and tagging

The ability to highlight content, create comment threads and tag relevant users makes collaboration simple. Have conversations and make decisions in the context of the estimate.

Flexible pricing methodologies

Create line items based upon rate cards or value based, add pass-through costs in too. These are displayed elegantly within the proposal, in a consumable tabular format.

Currency conversions

In a couple of clicks, convert an estimate from one currency to another, utilising today’s or custom input rates.

Achieve client acceptance

Generate and downloadable a beautiful PDF output, or invite external users to review, comment and accept proposals within Estimo.

Estimo is always learning

Through machine learning techniques, Estimo will provide recommendations of relevant estimates and potential collaborators.