How Do I Invite Other Users to Estimo?

Inviting other users to your Estimo instance opens up a world of possibilities:

  • Collaboration: easily get specialists involved in the estimation process.
  • Centralised estimates: create a repository of past-present-future estimates to datafy your organisation’s sales process.

  • Review: utilise Estimo’s built-in workflow to ensure that estimates are signed-off before going to your important clients.

To invite users to Estimo, you must be an Admin. Just follow these steps:

1) Login to your Estimo instance.

2) Select Settings from the left-hand menu.

3) You will see a number of tabs in the Settings interface, select Users.

4) Select the Invite Users button on the top-right.

5) At this point, you can start entering the user emails that you wish to add to Estimo. Click Send Invitations when you are satisfied with your entries.

6) You will then see a summary of your new invitations. The invitees will receive a link to join your Estimo instance and enter their details.