How Can I Invite Other Users to Collaborate on an Estimate?

Any user can be added as a collaborator to your estimate, as long as it is in Opportunity or In Review state. Just follow these simple steps…

1) Login to Estimo.

2) Select Estimates from the left-hand-side menu. This will show your list of available estimates, click the one that you wish to add collaborators to.

3) From the estimate’s top menu, select the Assemble Team tab. 

4) This view will allow you to add users who are on your Estimo instance as collaborators.

5) Collaborators are searchable via their name and registered email. If you can’t find a user that you want to add to the estimate, just type their email and select Invite new user to collaborate

6) On submitting this invitation request, one of two things will happen, dependant on your permissions:

7) If you are an Owner or Admin the owner of the email address entered will receive an invitation to join your Estimo instance. At this point, they will be able to access your estimate.

If you are a Creator or Reviewer then users with Owner and Admin permissions will receive an email informing them of your desire to add this new user. They will then be able to quickly add this new user to the system.