What Do the Different Estimate Statuses Mean?

Every estimates has a Status. This indicates the point that they are within the Estimo workflow, the stages are as follows:

  • Opportunity
  • In Review and To Review
  • Reviewed
  • Closed

Each Status have their own features.


  • All estimates are initially created in Opportunity state. This status indicates that the estimate is still a work in progress.
  • During Opportunity state, an estimate is only accessible by the initial creator, any invited collaborators and users with Admin or Owner permissions.
  • An estimate with an Opportunity state cannot be downloaded from Estimo. When the collaborating users are happy, they are able to Request Review from users with Reviewer permissions.

In Review and To Review

  • When a user requests for an Opportunity estimate to be reviewed, the estimate will have two states, depending upon the user viewing it. 
    • For collaborators of the estimate, the estimate will now be In Review.
    • For the requested Reviewers of the estimate, the estimate will now be To Review. 
  • During this state the estimate remains editable by all users with access. This is designed to encourage a collaboration towards acceptance, rather than a situation where multiple requests for review are required.
  • When the Reviewers are satisfied with an estimate‚Äôs content, they are able to mark the estimate as Reviewed.


  • An estimate with a Reviewed status is now downloadable in PDF format.
  • An estimate in Reviewed state is no longer editable. If a user wishes to make alterations then it must be reverted back to Opportunity state.
  • As this estimate is Reviewed, it is assumed that the content is good. With this in mind, the estimate becomes viewable by all users, so that they are able to learn from the repository.


  • A Closed estimate is one where the deal has been sealed with the client. As the deal has been confirmed, the scope is now fixed and this estimate is no longer editable.