What is a Resource?

All System Data is manipulated via the Settings interface, which is only available to Admin users.

A Resource are the different price points that make up a Rate Card. The nature of your Resources depends upon your organisation and market. For example, a typical agency’s rate card would be made up of job titles – ‘Creative Director’ etc. However, the system is flexible around your needs – this framework could be applied to a Resource such as a builder’s raw materials.

Creating Resources

When creating an individual Resource you need to provide the following information:

  • Resource Name: this is the default name that a Resource is referred to when it is added to a Rate Card.

  • Category: for ease-of-use, Resources are displayed in categories on Rate Cards. As categories are added to the system, they become available via a dropdown. Alternatively, select the ‘+’ to create a completely new category.

  • Default Value: when a Resource is added to a Rate Card, this is the default value that will be displayed. All default values are displayed in your organisation’s default currency; set via Organisation Profile.

Cost Rates

After a Resource has been created, you are able to define an optional Cost Rate. This is the amount (usually calculated via a blended average) that this Resource costs your organisation. Adding this data into Estimo gives users an insight into the profit margin of their estimates.

For more information, please read the Creating Estimates section.

Resource Aliases

On an existing Resource you are also able to define Aliases. These are useful in situations where you might sell the same Resource under different names, depending on Rate Card or Client preferences.

An example of utilising an Alias would be creating a Resource named ‘Web Developer’ and requiring an Alias of ‘Website Developer’ to satisfy the contractual stipulations of a Rate Card.

Essentially, Aliases save you time by reducing the number of Resources that you need to create. For more information on how to implement Aliases, please read this article about Rate Cards.