Utilising a Portfolio

When a Portfolio has been created, you can start to leverage the interface to make decisions about existing and future projects. Currently, the data comparisons are based around four typical areas of project management:

  • Budget
  • Resources
  • Timeline
  • Quality

The exact specifications of the data contained in Portfolios is as follows:

Metrics within the Budget section are focussed on the Portfolio’s overall Sold vs. Logged performance.

Budget MetricsData Source
01.01Resources BudgetCombined resources of associated estimatesTotal value of included estimates’ resources
01.02Resources SpentTotal value of logged hours02
01.03Remaining Resources Budget[Total] – [Spent]01.01 – 01.02
01.04Pass-Through BudgetTotal pass-through budgetTotal value of estimates’ P/T
01.05Pass-Through SpentSpent pass-through valueUser entered data
01.06Remaining Pass-Through BudgetRemaining pass-through budget01.04 – 01.05
01.07Project Budget01.01 + 01.04
01.08Project Budget Spent01.02 + 01.05
01.09Project Budget Remaining01.07 – 01.08


Metrics within the Resources section are focussed upon the Sold vs. Logged performance of individuals within the Portfolio.

Resources MetricsData Source
02.01Resources SoldList of all resources soldTotal value of included estimates’ resources
02.02P/resource Hours SoldP/resource: number of hours soldEstimo
02.03P/resource Hours LoggedP/resource: number hours loggedJira & user/resource matchup
02.04P/resource Hours RemainingP/resource: hours remaining02.02 – 02.03
02.05P/resource Value SoldP/resource: total value soldEstimo
02.06P/resource Value LoggedP/resource: total value logged Jira & user/resource matchup
02.07P/resource Value RemainingP/resource: total value remaining02.05 – 02.06
02.08TotalsTotals of each column
02.09UnassignedHours that have not been assigned to individuals

The Timeline section displays the Milestones contained in the selected Estimates, allowing them to be checked off as a project progresses.

Timeline MetricsData Source
03.01DeliverableConsolidated list of deliverables Estimo
03.02Start DateDeliverable start dateEstimo
03.03End DateDeliverable end dateEstimo

The Quality view enables users to understand the number of quality issues within a Jira project, and the amount of time spent resolving them.

Quality MetricsData Source
04.01Total ‘Bugs’Total number of ‘Bugs’ in selected Jira projectsJira Bug issue type
04.02Open ‘Bugs’Number of open ‘Bugs’ in selected Jira projectsJira Bug issue type, with Open status
04.03Bugs ResolutionTime spent resolving ‘Bugs’ in selected Jira projectsTotal time logged against Jira Bug issues

Resource Usage Over Time
This view provides a visualisation of time logged in the Jira projects attached to the Estimo Portfolio, split by the different resource categories:

This visualisation is particularly useful for Project Managers, tracking project budgets. It also gives an ‘at a glance’ view for management, who are looking for patterns across multiple projects.