Integrating Estimo with Jira

Integrating your Estimo instance with Jira allows users to utilise the Portfolios functionality.


Managing this integration is manipulated via the Estimo Settings interface, which is only available to Admin users. It is utilises Jira Application Links, which requires Administrator permissions to access.

Setup an Estimo and Jira Integration

1) The first step is to navigate to the Settings option, via the left-hand side menu. Note that the Settings area is only available to Admin users.

2) In the Settings interface, within the System Data tab, scroll down to Portfolios. Select Manage to explore this area.

3) As you do not currently have an Estimo and Jira integration setup, you will be prompted to do so. The callout will encourage you to Setup Jira, so go ahead and click this call to action, which will guide you through a simple setup process.

4) Enter URL: firstly you just need to enter the root URL of your organisation’s Jira instance. When you’ve completed that, click Next.

5) Create Application Link in Jira: you must setup Jira to accept and interface with Estimo. Utilise the instructions provided by Estimo – and the unique details (Consumer Key, Consumer Name, Estimo Public Key) – to complete the Application Link within Jira.

6) Confirmation and authentication: when the Application Link has been created, you are in a position to return to Estimo. Click to the Next step and then select Authenticate. This will redirect you to Jira, where you be required to confirm Estimo’s permissions within Jira.

If you are satisfied with the agreement, select Allow to finalise the Estimo and Jira integration.