I Would Like to Upgrade My Estimo Account, How Do I Do That?

All subscriptions are manipulated via the Billing section, within the Settings interface. This functionality to execute an upgrade is only available to users with an Owner permission level.

Owners can upgrade their Estimo package through the following steps:

1) Login to Estimo

2) Select Settings from the left-hand side menu

3) Select Billing from the tabbed Settings menu

4) From the selection of available options, pick Manage under the Subscription heading

5) You will then be shown some statistics relating to your system’s usage. Scrolling down, you will see the upgrade options available to you. Estimo currently offers both monthly and annual subscriptions, with respective pricing options.

6) Pick the package that meets your requirements. You can begin the upgrade process by clicking the respective Upgrade button.7

7) At this point you are shown an Order Summary. The dates and prices contained in this summary have been calculated based upon any existing subscriptions and your upgrade selection. When you are happy to continue, click Checkout to be taken to our secure payment solution.

8) Work through the process through the secure payment solution. When you have completed this process you will be returned to Estimo, and your instance will have been upgraded. Congratulations!