We are excited to announce that Estimo’s Slack integration has been accepted into the Slack App Directory.

At the time of writing, Slack is the communication platform of choice for thousands of organisations, recently racking up over 6 million daily active users.

Estimo’s integration with Slack is straightforward enough; you can receive notifications and quick view proposal overviews, all within the comfort of your Slack Workspace.

Notifications in Slack

Enabling Estimo Slack notifications will keep your team in the loop and enable faster sales. Currently, you can choose whether to receive the following notifications:

  • When another user requests that you Review an Estimate.
  • When your Estimate has been Reviewed.
  • When your Estimate has been Closed.
  • When you have been invited to collaborate on an Estimate.
  • When another user mentions you in an Estimate comment.
  • When your Estimate has been Closed via external acceptance.
Notifications in Slack via the Estimo Bot

Informative Estimo URLs in Slack

In addition, the Estimo Slack App also extends any pasted Estimate links to automatically include Title, Client, Status and Total fields. With this information included as standard, collaborating with your team on Slack and Estimo is now much easier.

An example Estimo URL in Slack, after integration
An example Estimo URL in Slack, after integration

The Estimo and Slack integration is the latest in a long line of pre-existing and planned releases that are geared towards the creation of beautiful & accurate estimates, encouraging straightforward, effective collaboration within the workplace and reducing the cost of sales.

Ready to try it out?

If you’ve already got an Estimo account, just click below to get started:

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Check out our hot off the press support documentation for help.

Alternatively, if you do not already have an Estimo account, go ahead and sign up for a completely free 30 day Estimo trial, with no obligation or card details required.